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    Finance Director (Wan Rong)


    1. Familiar with and master the state's financial systems and fiscal regulations, and strictly abide by the state's financial and economic policies;


    2. Assist the financial manager in developing the work plan and related financial system;


    3. According to the provisions of the enterprise accounting system and the actual needs of the accounting business, determine the accounting method and accounting principles, and set up the accounting system;


    4. Carry out accounting and settlement work in a timely and objective manner, and conduct accounting and accounting processing in a timely manner. Responsible for the preparation of the company's monthly, annual accounting statements, accounting final accounts and profit distribution;


    5, do a good job in accounting supervision, in strict accordance with the state's financial regulations and corporate rules and regulations for the approval of accounting;


    6. Review or participate in the formulation of economic contracts or other economic documents, and ensure that the contract complies with national laws and regulations and protect the legitimate interests of the company;


    7. Prepare financial reports and report financial work to the leaders in a timely manner;


    8. Organize learning to improve the business level of accountants;


    9. Complete other tasks assigned by the leadership.



    Network sales (Yuncheng)


    1. Use the network to conduct marketing and promotion of company products;


    2. Responsible for the release and maintenance of company website and product information of various e-commerce platforms;


    3. Understand and collect dynamic information about peers and competing products on the network;


    4. Channel development and business development through the network;


    5. Actively expand and develop customers, maintain, track, and feedback customer needs, and coordinate customer feedback. Conduct product promotion activities in accordance with corporate plans and procedures



    Cultural Media (Yuncheng)


    1. Responsible for coordinating and managing the communication between the planning department and the various departments and the completion of related business completion;


    2. Manage, analyze, and screen all kinds of advertising resources, and organize and archive them for later use;


    3. According to the different requirements of each brand, product and customer, organize a strategy meeting, discuss and summarize the design strategy recommendations, and make predictions and assessments for each design project for design reference;


    4. To formulate and implement the design of each category of the company, and evaluate the effect of the implemented design;


    5. Construction, implementation and supervision of the company and brand CIS system; maintenance of corporate philosophy, entrepreneurial spirit, corporate culture; unifying employee dress, speech, service awareness and service behavior, media image;


    6. Improve the company's VI system to ensure the unification of the company's and its brands' prints, company layout, office decoration, etc.


    7. Review the company's brand and products; make reasonable suggestions for the company's design work; be responsible for the company's product packaging design, product description, advertising language; supervise and violate the company's brand image, and make rational recommendations;


    8. Design, production and review of advertising products of the company;


    9. Supervision and review of the maintenance and update of the company's website;


    10. Assist the company in the preparation and implementation of marketing planning and public relations activities; provide reasonable suggestions for the company's marketing planning and public relations activities; improve the wording of the content of the copy;


    11, on behalf of the company, do a good job in media public relations; handle good relations with local mainstream media, manage media resources; on behalf of the company,


    Coping with media interviews; preparing for crisis public relations; reviewing the compilation of news and public relations contributions;


    12. Compilation review of various project copies such as company project declaration, business plan and project proposal.

    Copyright: Shanxi Jiawei New Materials Co., Ltd. Record number: Jin ICP preparation *****

    久久天堂_久久亚洲综合国产精品99_亚洲精品国产精麻豆久久99_99久久 综合色D啪

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